Acer Helios 300 (2019 edition) Review

A fantastic gaming laptop from the company Acer. What makes this machine fantastic is its components and price. This device has an aluminum top surface, the bottom panel as well as the back panel is made out of plastic but this thing is built really good considering the price point. They configured this device with a good combination of CPU and GPU.

The CPU here is 9th gen intel-i7 processor which is a very powerful processor and it is also undervolted. It’s a good thing and one of the reasons why this thing performs so good thermally. The GPU is also very good, it’s the 1660-ti, a graphically capable video card. It can run any kind of game you throw on it swiftly.


The screen on this thing is 144Hz and has a full HD resolution. The company claims a response time of 3ms which is quite attractive. It’s reasonably bright and has a peak brightness of 280 nits. The color accuracy of the screen is also quite good (RGB-97%, ARGB-78%).

The thermals on this thing are awesome as mentioned earlier. One reason is the undervolted CPU and other reason is that the thermal solution of this machine which is great. The solution consists two fans, one to the CPU and the other to cool the GPU. The thermal is so good that it can maintain a boost clock for a decent amount of time. You can boost the performance of this device by switching the turbo mode by clicking the turbo button situated right above the keyboard. The fan noise is low during normal mode but during turbo mode it gets really loud. One thing is that the fan control on the software is not that great, you can control it to some extent but not fully. It should be great if the software would have provided more profiles.

Ports on this device – There are 2 USB-A, 1 USB-C, the USB-C doesn’t support thunderbolt 3. You also get a ethernet jack and the power adapter connector on the left side. The positioning of the power connector is bad, it gets in the way of the air flow vents.

Inside you get 2 ram slots, SSD and 2.5-inch sata drive and wi-fi card. None of them are soldered on the mother board assuring future upgrades. The battery 58 Wh which is small considering the specs of the device but it’s a gaming device so you are going to carry the power adapter to run this thing t5o its full potential.

The keyboard is good, has a good travel and the typing experience is nice. It has a three zoned RGB. The trackpad is made out of glass and has windows precision driver. The surface is big considering it’s a gaming laptop. The speaker are bottom firing and the sound production is not good. You need to buy external speakers to get a good sound experience.

The price is very aggressive considering the components they are offering. It’s a great budget gaming laptop which you should definitely check out.

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