Air Pods Pro Review

The new air pods pro, Apples professional air pods. With the new design aesthetics, they are much smaller than the previous one and now has super comfortable ear-tips and they provide the best possible sound isolation because the entire noise cancellation depends on a good seal from the ear tips.

The company is providing a set of three ear tips and you can choose the one that fits in your ear the most. The app also guides you to get the best isolation possible. The ear tips have mesh at the base the silicon tips so often times when you wear earbuds your ear wax is going to go into the mesh covering the actual earbuds itself and they have put another layer of mesh on these silicone tips just to prevent that wax from building up on the actual device and just to keep it on the replaceable tip and that’s a very good touch from Apple.

Another thing is the pressure vent on the side of these earbuds. Normally when you stick and in-ear earbud into your ear canal there’s a buildup of air pressure into the ear because you are pushing the airspace into there. But due to these pressure vents the pressure gets equalized with the outer air pressure. So, when you wear these earbuds you don’t feel any annoying pressure buildup.

Mazor Specifications

The new air pods have decent water resistance so you can consider them wearing during your day to day workout, running or even during rain. They have good sounding microphones better than Sony and even better than the previous generation air pods.

The battery life of the earbuds claimed by the company is 4 hours with the noise cancellation on and 4 and ½ hour with the noise cancellation off. With the case you are going to get to get a total of 24 hours of battery life.

There’s also a transparency mode which allows the mic to pick up voices or kind of important sounds around you so when you have it in your ear and you have transparency mode enabled it’ll pipe the important sounds into your so that you can kind of be aware of what’s going outside.

The noise cancellation is good but not that intense as the Sony’s wireless earbuds. Another thing is that now they don’t have volume control built into the air pods so now you’re bound to use Siri to change volume which is kind of annoying and also the controls on the air pods are now force buttons not touch.

The sound is really good when you turn on the noise cancelation but when the feature off you are going to get a sound similar to that you have already got in 1st and 2nd generation air pods.


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