Lenevo Y740 gaming laptop Review

Probably Lenovo’s best gaming laptop for the year 2019. A very well-built machine and priced reasonably well. It is one of the cheapest laptops you can get out there with this kind of build quality. It’s got aluminum on the top, aluminum on the keyboard deck and the bottom is made out of good quality plastic.

The ports on this thing are predominantly on the back and you also get some of them on the right and left. On the left you get USB-C and a headphone jack and on the right, you get USB-A. They have made positioning of the ports really good to provide a clean setup during gaming even if you are using an external mouse, a headphone or a keyboard. There’s also some RGB here and there, especially on the logo which you can control fully.


The screen is 144Hz, 1080p. It is bright and has decent color accuracy if you are doing some photoshop or video editing. And it also supports G-sync which is made by Nvidia to remove screen tearing and visual artifacts during gaming. Unlike other gaming laptops you can disable G-sync on the software which is really a thing because keeping it on all the time makes your battery drain fast.

Coming to the performance this device is running a 6 core 8750-H intel processor which is a great performer specially for multicore applications and the top model of this device is running an RTX 2070 max-Q GPU which will give you excellent frame rates across any of the triple A titles right now at 1080p

The thermal performance is also good, during stress test it didn’t thermal throttle. There are two fans inside and they are sucking heat from the CPU and GPU by two heat pipes each. The fans pretty quiet even under load but the fan control is por on this device.

The battery is small, it’s a 57Wh battery which will give a maximum of 2 and a half hour with G-sync enabled and with G-sync disabled you can get 4 hours of battery life. The provided power adapter is 230 W and it is bulky I must say.

The speakers sound pretty clean but don’t expect a world class sound from these downward firing speakers.

The keyboard is good, has macro keys on the left and has one of the best RGBs on a gaming laptop. The trackpad is windows precision trackpad and has a good feel to it.

You can definitely go for it if you want a solid gaming performer for such a low price.

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