Razer 13.3″ Blade Stealth 13 Gaming Laptop Review

This is a very small gaming laptop from Razer, the smallest you can get from this company. This is a 13-inch device rocking a GTX 1650 and this is the new Razerblade Stealth. Now it’s not going to be the world’s most powerful gaming laptop because of its size it surely has some limitations.

But you can expect some really good performance considering how tiny the device is. The external shell of the Stealth hasn’t changed this year. It just looks exactly the same as the previous generation in terms of its aesthetics. It’s just a half a millimeter thicker. It has got the well-built aluminum chassis and it’s got the triple-headed snake logo up on the top like the other razer devices.

What’s Inside

The inside of this device houses a replaceable SSD and a replaceable wi-fi card. The ram is soldered on the motherboard so you can’t upgrade it on the future. The company claims a battery backup of 7 hour which pretty nice considering its components. The device comes with two screen options 1080p and a 4k one. Powering the thing is a 100w adapter. The adapter’s power delivery is sufficient enough to run the system on its full potent.

Coming to performance this device is running a 10th gen intel processor with a core count of 4. They can’t sustain boost clock for a, particularly long time. For gaming, this is not of a big issue because most gamed don’t press the CPU that hard so you can get pretty good frame rates for low to moderately demanding games. The GPU is 1650 max-q, the lowered power version of 1650 but it is still a very good performer considering that it is a 13-inch device. If you looking at the razerblade stealth as a video editing machine, for 1080 p footage it works quite well but with a 4k a footage it doesn’t work well because this device is running a lower wattage CPU. 

The thermals on this thing are excellent because the CPU is a low-wattage chip and the thermal system is designed quite well.

The display is colour accurate and has a refresh rate of 60 Hz so it is not as fluid as other 144 Hz panels. They offer 2 versions of displays as mentioned earlier but for this screen size getting a 4k panel by spending extra bucks is not a good idea because the resolution is indistinguishable for the eyes.  The 1080p screen on a 13-nch device is already quite sharp.

The keyboard and the trackpad is solid is solid. You will definitely like the typing experience on this keyboard. The keyboard has single zone RGB. The trackpad hassmooth glass surface and has windows precision driver.

This is an expensive machine starts at 1800$. So if you have money and you want a small gaming machine you can definitely go for this device.

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